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Most companies take a reactive approach to awards – they wait until their Director or CEO says “I want to win this award” or the organiser emails out a call for entries before they start preparing entries.

A better approach, taken by a minority of organisations (typically those more successful at entering awards), is somewhat more proactive and strategic.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help you increase your win rate by picking your fights more carefully:

Creating a thorough awards strategy

Which awards should we enter?”
What should we enter into these awards?”
Are we likely to win?”

We get asked these questions all the time and they are actually incredibly difficult questions to answer well.

For businesses to answer these questions comprehensively, and therefore have the building blocks of a thorough awards strategy they can trust, we offer a comprehensive Awards Strategy Development service.

This service involves:

  1. An on-site strategy planning session run by one or two Boost consultants and attended by senior managers within your business
  2. Helping you make key decisions about your awards objectives that will shape your strategy.
  3. Brainstorming your best stories, or the best components of a whole-business story, and filtering/testing them using a highly interactive workshop format.
  4. Matchmaking* the most award-friendly stories with awards that meet your objectives and thus create a detailed plan for the next year. This typically requires a follow-up review to whittle the list down.
  5. Developing a budget for the whole plan (optional).
  6. Listing key next steps (such as getting approval and gathering evidence).
  7. Uploading the plan to an online Awards Planner, which ensures the deadlines and links stay up-to-date and the right people are sent reminders for your chosen awards (see The Awards Planner for details on this specific tool).

This full service will ensure you enter the right stories into the right categories of the right awards, within budget and with maximum chances of winning.

* N.B. Boost does not now or run any awards schemes, or take commission from awards organisers. This process is therefore 100% independent. See our ethics policy here.

Creating an awards plan

If you do not have the time or budget to undertake the full awards strategy service above, then we offer an alternative approach which only requires one conference call and may suit a lower budget.

The output from a full awards strategy service is a detailed recommendation of which stories to enter and which awards to enter them into. This service does not review the stories or make any assessment of likelihood of winning, but it does a very thorough job indeed of matching specific awards to your business needs.

This service involves:

  1. A one-hour conference call, during which we will ask you a series of questions to help us choose suitable awards.
  2. Us creating an online awards plan, which includes all the awards that meet your brief. This links to our central database of over 3,000 awards and therefore stays up to date, unlike plans in MS Word or MS Excel which go out of date in days.
  3. An annual licence for our Awards Planner with full functionality which means you can edit your plan, export it to a spreadsheet, share a read-only link with colleagues, and most importantly, receive four deadline reminders for each award in your plan.

A DIY approach

If you simply want full access to our database of over 3,000 awards, the ability to do keyword searches within awards and categories names, and the ability to select, export and share a plan, we recommend you use our Awards Planner tool.

Basic functionality is free of charge, but if you want to do keyword searches, exports and receive four deadline reminders for all your chosen awards, then you need to sign up to for a one-year licence.

Click here to see more details and sign up.

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